Kristian Macanga
Based in Zagreb, Croatia

Release date:
April, 2011



Pursue your love across 63 levels filled with spikes, fire, water, gravity inverters, and switches while earning medals for the fewest number of clicks.

In this physics-based projectile platformer, you play a malleable but mostly rigid ball of goo on a mission to find another goo ball with a pink bow. Your quest will take you through six worlds (plus a bonus world), each with nine unlockable levels. You control your ball's trajectory by dragging and releasing the mouse. Like golf, the object is to get to each level's flag in the least number of jumps. To make things interesting, some jumps can occur in midair, requiring nimble mouse control (head's up, laptop users).

Practically every platforming element from other games is here in Crazy Over Goo. You have your midair jumps, ninja jumps (off sticky walls), and jumps onto spinning throwers. There are special gravity-affected areas and switches that flip the screen upside down. Some levels are dark, with illumination around your goo ball. Other stages have pushable buttons and keys that unlock closed-off areas. Deadly spikes and firepits dot the landscape.


  • Ported the original game from GML to ActionScript 3.
  • Redesigned original game.
  • Added medals to reward player's performance in the level.
  • Added progression - unlockable worlds and levels.
  • Designed 20 new levels, new contraptions, rebalanced difficulty.
  • Coded custom physics engine.
  • Designed and coded level editor with full functionalities like easy tilemap painting, undo/redo, loading and saving, sharing options.
  • Unlockables: level editor items and costumes.
  • Online leaderboards.


Crazy Over Goo Walkthrough Part #1 YouTube

Crazy Over Goo Walkthrough Part #2 YouTube



Crazy Over Goo Credits

Kristian Macanga
Game Designer, Developer, Level Designer

Greg Banov
Game Designer, Programmer, Level Designer