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Immunauts is a story-driven sci-fi action-adventure game set in the near future in which advances in technology have created amazing new opportunities for medicine - but also world-threatening dangers.


  • This procedure, while very effective at eliminating disease, has been deemed too risky for the lives of the doctors performing it, and has since been outlawed by the international medical community. Play as a group of outlaw doctors who have dedicated their careers to using this dangerous "nanosizing" technique to heal patients.
  • The story operates on two equally important levels - the macro world and the micro world. In the macro world, the outlaw doctors diagnose their patients and prepare for the trip to the human body by preparing certain equipment, and in the micro-world, they navigate the dangers of the human body and fight diseases up close in their nanosized submarine, The Hippocrates.
  • The gameplay follows the same dichotomy as the story and hence alternates between two distinct modes of play. The first of the two is a more strategic mode in the "macro-world" with a focus on diagnosing the patient (dialogue-based gameplay with simple puzzle-solving) and then choosing the best equipment to take on the trip (resource management and skill tree mechanics). The second is an action-based mode (schmups and tactical action mechanics) in the "micro world" where you use your skills and upgrades to navigate your submarine The Hippocrates to heal patients.
  • The art style of the game features two distinct genres as well - the art style in the macro world is hand-drawn using rastered graphics and frame-by-frame animation inspired by 90s cartoons, whereas the micro-world is vectorised and inspired by the minimalism of Kurzgesagt videos.
  • Depending on whether you are in the macro-world or the micro-world, the game mechanics (management based vs action based), storytelling techniques (dialogue-heavy vs dialogue light), and even the artstyle (hand-drawn art vs vector-art minimalism) are completely different in each of these two setups, creating a thematically appropriate gameplay shift and a unique gaming experience.


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Immunauts Credits

Kristian Macanga
Game Designer, Game Developer, Programmer

Andrej Mrkonjic

Mateusz Michalak
Art Director

Michal Rostek and Olga Siwiecka

Jan Juracic and Stjepan Mateljan
Storytelling, Game Design and Level Design

Noemy De Guzman and Lucija Pilic

Fumi Studio
Art, Animation and Development