Based in Zagreb, Croatia

Release date:
15 May, 2017

Steam, PC



In the world of Rocking Pilot, war has become a televised entertainment program run by WYNC Studio 1. After a rigorous training regime of watching hundreds of action movies, “The Pilot” is now combat trained. He’s ready to become a reality TV star, but more importantly, find a way to put an end to all this madness.

Featuring intuitive twin-stick controls and deadly bullet hell arenas, Rocking Pilot will have test players to the max as they rack up high scores with the combo system by defeating enemies. On top of your traditional arsenal of machine guns, rockets, and more, your chopper’s propellers have been replaced with deadly rotor blades, allowing for simultaneous carnage from close-quarters and long-range. Levels also have optional objectives that will increase your score and earn you more cash to spend on new chopper skills, weapon upgrades and more. With a punk spirit, zany characters and fast-paced arcade gameplay, Rocking Pilot is a contemporary version of the classic shoot ‘em ups of the 90s consoles and arcades!


  • Shoot, blast and slash through hordes of enemies in Rocking Pilot - a twin-stick shooter extravaganza inspired by arcade classics.
  • Standard propellers are replaced with deadly ROTOR BLADES that chop up tanks and soldiers to pieces.
  • Activating the Overdrive makes your helicopter an immortal machine of destruction: fly and chop through swarms of enemies while deflecting their bullets back at them. Mayhem guaranteed.
  • A powerful arsenal of upgrades and ways to combine them! Use everything from lasers and mini-guns to nukes and rotor blades.
  • Loaded with content! 42 missions, 4 worlds, and a huge number of enemies! Play the story campaign, 16 score missions, and 4 survival challenges.
  • Collectables galore! 76 trophies, 96 crowns, and 34 skulls in the main campaign, plus optional missions for greater rewards.
  • Online score challenges and leaderboards! Compete with friends and other players around the world to see who is the ultimate pilot.


Rocking Pilot Choppa Moments #1 YouTube

Rocking Pilot Choppa Moments #2 YouTube

Rocking Pilot Release Trailer YouTube

Rocking Pilot Stream YouTube

Mad Head Games + Gungrounds YouTube

Rocking Pilot - Intro Animation YouTube

Gungrounds Logo Animation YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "The gameplay is just brilliant; the area where all the action occurs is smaller than other games of the genre and I absolutely loved it. It is just fast, tough and if you are an arcade fan you’ll have a ball!"
    - The_Cpt_FROGGY, Steam Review
  • " I spent most of the 80’s in the arcades playing games exactly like Rocking Pilot, so for me, this twin-stick shooter was a total blast and a total trip down memory lane, and for only $6, if you play this more than 24 times you just got your money’s worth. If you love shooters and you’ve got $6 burning a hole in your Steam Wallet then definitely check this out. "
    - Mark Smith, Game Chronicles Review
  • " The developer really has put his all into stretching the design to it's nitty gritty details; analyzing dozens and dozens twin stick shooters, sitting at the drawing board through all-nighters looking for effective principles, and how to mix those principles together to make something truely engaging and exciting. If hard and intense shooters is your cup of tea, I hope you will try and experience it for yourself! "
    - Guy Unger, Steam Review
  • " I think it’s been awhile since we’ve had a pure aircraft bullet hell in the industry. And, I think Rocking Pilot does a good job filling that gap. It shows that twin stick shooters are still fun at the most basic level, while constantly feeding us new mechanics and weapons to ensure that the fight is never over. "
    - Camron Willey, PIG Review
  • " The game gets better and better as you play, and the developers did a wonderful job of expanding the game mechanics and keeping things fresh. I finished the game 100% but it is a feeling like I'm sad to be done, it was that much fun. I like the streamlined UI which is large, easy to read, and gets you into battle quickly while communicating objectives fast. No needless BS, slowdowns, animations or clutter, just pure go-time. And the music, sound and presentation are exciting and go great. "
    - KrudlerTheHorse, Steam Review
  • " Bring the Heat with Dual Ranged and Close-Quarters Combat in this Hardcore, Hard Rock Shooter! With a punk spirit, zany characters and fast-paced arcade gameplay, Rocking Pilot is a contemporary version of the classic shoot ‘em ups of the 90s consoles and arcades! "
    - Alison and Co, Invision Community Review
  • " Listen to me.. if you like twin stick shooters, go and take this game. I never imagined that playing with such simple graphics and gameplay in a small rectangle could be such a pleasure. The missions and points are very catchy and I can't stop running them again and again. There is something like history and the replicas are humorous. That's what I can share. I'm in for some more cracking :) "
    - WarStomp, Steam Review
  • " Good core gameplay. Using propellers as a weapon and as a shield - slicing enemies and deflecting bullets is really cool. It follows standard shooter formula but its fun on its own. Art wise, I wish there was more contrast in colors so that explosions and enemies stand out more, but it is not a big deal. Lots of fun overall. "
    - Tiger, Steam Review
  • " It’s bullethell madness and a throwback shooter with a modern twist. I can see the influences it was going for, including Metal Slug for the allies. This isn’t the sort of game that you’ll invest hours upon hours of your life into, but instead you’ll likely end up playing a fair bit, leave it, then come back to it again. The concept of it is good, the execution is great and ultimately, this is the type of game you’d play in an arcade! "
    - Timlah, GeekOut UK Review

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